Seventh Heaven- The World’s Premiere Putting Course

Where Golfers and Non-Golfers Can Enjoy The Game

Most golfers spend less time and money working on their short game.  Maybe it’s because you get bored on the putting green, don’t have time, or feel that if you could just hit your driver 5 yards further or straighter your scores would improve.  If you want to lower your scores, work on your putting. Start improving your short game by changing how you practice. The short game, from 100 yards in, equates for just under 70 percent of golf shots. Why would anyone looking to improve neglect it?

The World’s Premiere Putting Course

Seventh Heaven allows you to perfect your putting stroke at the world’s first natural grass, 9-hole, lighted putting course. This fun-filled layout features impeccably manicured putting surfaces highlighted with dogleg fairways, rough and a creative use of bunkers, rock outcropping and water hazards that will test even the most accomplished putter.  

Sure, for many practicing on a putting course may not be as exciting as hitting 300-yard drives but there’s no doubt improving your short game is the quickest way to lowering your handicap. When doings so, make sure you prioritize putting first.  Begin with making 20 putts in a row from inside of 5 feet. Tour players make 85 percent of putts from 3-5 feet. As you become a better putter, it will make chipping and pitching easier. The stress of knocking it close decreases as your confidence in the ability to make putts increases.

A Course for Golfers and Non-Golfers

Seventh Heaven Putting Course is great for golfers and non-golfers to enjoy the game together, a perfect spot for the whole family. Now you don’t have to interrupt or end your game solely because it’s getting dark.  Just like the Cloud Nine Short Course the Seventh Heaven putting course is also lighted for night play.

It’s no secret that the most successful players on the PGA Tour typically have the best short games, so if you want to lower your handicap, it’s time to spend less time hitting balls and more time around the practice green.

Rates for the Seventh Heaven putting course: Age 17 and under or age 65 and over $4.  All others $5. Includes: putter rental, 2 golf balls, and you may go around twice to complete 18 holes.  

Need to reserve a tee time at any of Angel Parks courses? Click HERE.

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