Cloud 9 Course: A Special Night time Treat for Golfers in Las Vegas

Created in 1993 and designed by Arnold Palmer and Bob Cupp.  The Cloud nine short course will challenge every facet of your iron game. It is a great way to have some fun while working on your short game. If you don’t have time to play a full round of golf in between your business meetings or your intensive day at the casino, you can get a quick 12 in on the Angel Park Club Cloud 9 course.
The 12 holes were inspired by some of the most famous golf holes in the world.  This walk-able layout is highlighted by holes with similar shot values to some of the most famous (or infamous) holes in the world.  To make matters even more exciting and unique, nine of the 12 holes are lighted for evening play, making the Cloud Nine short course a special night time treat for golfers in Las Vegas. The average hole length is a little over 100 yards.

Angel Park Cloud Nine Course

Angel Park Golf Club is roughly 15-20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.  The facility is complimented with their Southwest-style clubhouse that is home to a full service restaurant, banquet facility, and golf shop. The course also offers a complimentary shuttle. The shuttle provided serves groups of 8 to 10 players and is available when you book on one of the regulation length courses (Mountain or Palm).  All you have to do is book your tee time and let them know where you are staying and they will pick you up and return you following your round.  

For more information on the shuttle service click HERE. Whether you live in Las Vegas or just visiting, playing the Cloud Nine Course at Angel Park Golf Club is Las Vegas most complete golf experience.

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Golf Magazine’s Travelin’ Joe Passov Names Angel Park as One of the Best Golf Clubs for Bachelor Parties

For many reasons, Las Vegas is one of the best places in the world to host a bachelor party, a notion not lost on Golf Magazine’s Travelin’ Joe Passov, who has been the senior editor handling courses and travel for about a decade for Golf Magazine.

Just Ask Travelin’ about Angel Park

In a recent “Ask Travelin’ Joe” article, Passov calls out “affordability, lodging options and bountiful nightlife” among the qualities that make Sin City an ideal destination for golf bachelor parties. “Nothing can touch” Las Vegas, in his astute opinion. And of all the great golf in Las Vegas, he recommend Angel Park Golf Club.

“I’m a big fan of OB Sports’ Angel Park, which offers night-lighted par-3 golf on its 12-hole Cloud 9 layout, two big 18s, an all-grass putting course, great food and drink and GolfBoards to ride,” Passov responded to one of his inquiring readers.

Angel Park Angels

He also cited the Angel Park Angels, who take the traditional forecaddie role to heavenly heights. Ideal for bachelor parties and man-cations of any type, these beauties certainly create a memorable round of golf.

Angel Park Caddies

Play Angel Park while in town for professional sports

Major professional sports debuted in Las Vegas when the first puck dropped for the NHL’s Golden Knights, and the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders will soon follow in 2019. Of course, UFC fights and professional boxing, along with a handful of semi-pro sports, are already mainstays of the Las Vegas sports scene. Angel Park is at the ready for the sports fans streaming into Las Vegas to take in the game.

Golf stay and play Las Vegas

Sporting a diverse package of golf activities ranging from the Mountain and Palm 18-hole courses to a quick loop on the Cloud 9, Angel Park is the ideal choice for golf in Las Vegas. Plus, the club offers money-saving stay and play packages. Taken together, it’s easy to see why Angel Park is considered Las Vegas’ Most Complete Golf Experience.

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Frost Delay: A necessary step to prevent permanent turf damage

In an all-too-familiar scenario: Giddy golfers from the Midwest escape the frozen tundra for the green fairways of the desert Southwest for some golf in Las Vegas. As they eagerly file into the golf shop, the pro behind the counter drops the bad news.

“Good morning guys. We are in a frost delay.”

Bewilderment, confusion and irritation typically follow this announcement. Understandably so, avoiding the frosty grip of Old Man Winter was the purpose of making golf trip to Las Vegas in the first place. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple; here’s a few facts to help break the ice.

Frosty Grass

While the average high temperature in Las Vegas December through February is a pleasant 58-63 degrees, the average low ranges from 43-39. And, a dozen or so times per year, they dip to 32 degrees or lower. According to an article in Golfweek, turf temperature lower than the surrounding air “causes moisture to condense on the grass during the night. If the temperature of the grass then falls below freezing, the moisture may crystallize into frost.”

By itself, this isn’t a problem; however, walking on the frosty turf certainly is. Each footstep damages the blades and ruptures plant cell walls. This is particularly pronounced on the tightly mown turf of the putting surfaces. They become no-go zones until the sun melts the frost.

To get a feel for the potential damage, next time your foursome makes tracks on a green covered in dew, note the countless footprints. If the dew was frost instead, the grass beneath most, if not all, of the footprints would be dead within a week or so.

“Staying off grass covered in frost is the key to avoiding permanent damage to the turf, especially on the greens,” said Chuck Bombard, director of golf at Angel Park Golf Club. “There’s simply no way around it. All we can do is hope it clears quickly, so we can get everybody lined up to tee off once it does.”

Given that the Las Vegas area boasts nearly 300 days of sunshine each year, chances are good that “big red” will burn off the frost in plenty of time to get in all 18 holes.

Bombard went on to explain that there’s no way to predict the exact length of any given frost delay, so it’s “a good idea to arrive around the same time you normally would” and relax with a cup of coffee, get a bite to eat and watch the European Tour on Golf Channel in the clubhouse.

It seems counterintuitive to encounter a frost delay in the desert; rest assured, if there were any other way, the golf staff would be more than happy to oblige. Although golf is just a game, staying off frost-covered turf is a matter of life and death – for the grass!

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How You Can Save at a Public Golf Course

5 Things Every Golfer Should Have

Whether you play golf every day, a few times a week or once a month, there are 5 things that every golfer should know that can help you save money throughout the year.  The game of golf can be expensive and at times you may feel as though you cannot afford to play as often as you would like. Below are 5 things that can help you save at the course.

1.Home Golf Course

Learning and understanding the game of golf can be challenging and at times even frustrating.  Having a home course that you play often helps you get comfortable while learning the basics. Getting to know the courses staff makes it easier to ask questions and feel comfortable in your own environment.   As you play a course more than once you begin to study and learn the course, which helps you practice and improve each time.  By improving your golf game you will begin to love the sport and more importantly you will understand it.

Angel Park Membership Cover Photo

2. Membership Card

While at first the thought of purchasing a membership card may seem to be more expensive, by the time you add up green fees, membership cards help you save throughout the year which can help improve your golf game. Golf enthusiasts have found that being a card member is simply a more convenient way to enjoy regular games of golf. Not only that, but it benefits your friends, family and business clients… Card programs allow to book your tee times at the lowest available rate and you can bring up to 3 guests each visit and they will also receive the lowest card rate available.  Not only do you receive discounts on green fees but you also receive significant discounts at the golf shop and on food and beverage.

3. Download Mobile App

When you download the courses mobile app it is so easy to book your tee time.  You can also receive exclusive offers and specials.  A number of OB Properties accept GolfCash, which is a new way people are paying for things at the course.  You can use GolfCash to pay for green fees, purchase a beverage from the beverage cart, pay for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the course. GolfCash is convenient and easy to use, you can even gift it to a friend.  Maybe you lost a bet to your buddy?  You can pay your dues through gifting a friend GolfCash.

Golf Cash


4. Subscribe to the courses email list

When you subscribe to your home courses email list you begin to receive a number of exclusive offers that add up to major savings throughout the year.  You will also receive emails about special events at the course, updates on course conditions, be the first to know about new products and services. To subscribe to your courses email list you can usually find it on the course’s website.

5. Follow on Social Media

Are you a fan of your home courses Facebook page?  If you are not a fan, you definitely should become one.  The course will often post about contests and giveaways. The prizes offered range from free golf to GolfCash to be used to purchase anything at the course.  You will learn more about the courses conditions and improvements.  Facebook pages are a good source to find out about events, tournaments and special offers.  You can even book a tee time straight from the course’s facebook page!